faster update (e.g 1million out of 10m)

This example shows how to updte a million row out of 10million rows.

Time Needed : 20min


1) First create your dummy hold table: create table xyz_HOLD as select * from xyz where rownum<1. Alter tablexyz nologging.

2) insert /*+ append parallel (xyzhold,12) */ into xyz_hold xyzhold (field1, field2, field3) select /*+ parallel (x,12) */ xyz.field1,
my_new_value_for_field2, xyz.field3 from xyz x where blah blah blah.

3) when done, either rename the table, or swap the partition if your original
table is partitioned, and you only updated one partition as we do. Obviously
you need to rebuild indecies, etc as required.

Backout Procedure
Drop table xyz_HOLD;


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